September 12th, 2014

Fun Websites for Kindergarten students:

Fun Games for Kindergarten students to play:

  • Bingo (using letter sounds, letter identification, number identification, etc.)
  • Play-doh (use the play-doh to form words, numbers, letters, etc)
  • Memory
  • Candy Land
  • Tic- Tac- Toe (use different letters as the X and O, use words as the X and O)

Fun Activities for Kindergarten students to play with Magnetic Letters:

  • sort the letters based on if they have a curve, line, or curve and line
  • spell your name, friend or family members name
  • Feely Bag- put letters in a bag, put your hand in the bag and feel the letter, name the letter or make the letter sound, pull out the letter to see if you are correct.
  • match lowercase to uppercase
  • put in ABC order
  • rhyming words- make a word (cat), change the beginning letter to make a rhyming word (bat)
  • change a letter to change the word- make a word (can), change the ending letter to change the word (cat), change the middle sound to change the word (cut)