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Getting Ready for K

September 12th, 2014

To get ready to be a kindergartner, you can…

  • Practice coloring and drawing.
  • Practice being a good listener!
  • Eyes are looking at the speaker.
  • Ears are listening
  • Mouth is closed.
  • Hands and feet are still.
  • Practice good manners.
  • Say “please” and “thank you”.
  • Practice taking turns.
  • Learn to write your first and last name.
  • Say the letters in your name.
  • Ask your grown-ups to read to you every day!! Talk about what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the stories.
  • Read books with rhyme and play games with rhyming words (You and your grown-ups can take turns thinking of words that rhyme with other words.)
  • Practice naming and writing upper and lower case letters. (Please refer to the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. www.hwtears.com)
  • Practice counting. How high can you count? (The goal is for kindergartners to count to 100 by the end of the year.)
  • Count items one by one.
  • Learn to name numbers 1 to 10.
  • At the end of each day, tell all of the things you can remember from the day! What did you do first? What did you do last?
      ***Parents, these are skills that you can work on, as your child is ready.
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